Small pieces of explanatory information about Cardano blockchain, bundled in blocks and distributed in a variety of media

The Infoblocks Project

They are composed of small pieces of information, bundled in blocks that explain some important points of how Cardano blockchain works.

To allow distinct users to consume the information in the way they prefer, the content is distributed in a variety of media. For each Infoblock, we produce:


Static images easily shared on social media, which visually summarize the content. Images are published on our website and are available for download:


For those who prefer reading, we produce a supporting text with a further explanation of the material. We publish the texts on our website and also on Medium

Interactive story

The joining of text and infographic materials in a dynamic format, which adapts to the learning pace of each one.


It brings together the text content and the interactive story in a guided manner, making it faster to consume the information. Available on our YouTube channel.


May 4, 2021

Native custom tokens on Cardano: the anatomy of an asset and why it’s better than ERC tokens

The latest update on Cardano blockchain — which occurred on March 1, 2021 — brought support for the long-awaited native custom tokens. Shortly after the…
December 12, 2020

How are the stake pool rewards calculated?

If you have checked our infoblock about the history of rewards, you already know how the pot is composed and what are the sources of…
October 29, 2020

How do the stake pool fees affect the rewards?

We have already talked in other infoblocks about the source of the rewards in the Cardano blockchain and how passive income is possible through a monetary policy,…
October 10, 2020

The delegation cycle of Cardano

Although the Cardano blockchain operates through a consensus mechanism of proof-of-stake, it is also possible to delegate your stake power in the network to the…
August 17, 2020

Where do the rewards come from?

Public blockchains are driven by computers that communicate in a decentralized node logic. There is no central server that all nodes from the network connect…