We Are EveryBlock Studio,

An Interactive Media Startup.

Technological Convergence

We are dedicated to developing interactive digital products powered by modern machine learning techniques and blockchain technology.


We are exploring new and innovative approaches to human-machine interaction through the development of autonomous virtual agents.

Internet of Value

Smart contracts and cryptocurrencies are core to our business. We are building on top of Cardano decentralised open blockchain.

We invite you to know...

We are building on

Cardano blockchain

As a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, blocks of transactions are validated by stake pool operators. By delegating your stake to EveryBlock Studio, you are helping us to maintain our infrastructure to operate as a validator of the network and develop stunning decentralised applications.




Ticker: EBS

Pledge: ₳ 16.3k

Fee: 3.5% 0%

Cost: ₳ 340




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We are builders...

We are building the next level of human-machine interaction

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