Who we are

EveryBlock is a web3 gaming studio that believes in the transformative power of play to bring people together and create positive change.

We're passionate about using emergent technology to create innovative, entertaining games that not only provide a fun experience for players but also empower them to participate in the game.

We value transparency, sustainability, and community engagement, and we work hard to ensure that our games create real value for both players and society as a whole.

Most importantly, we believe that games should be a source of joy, and we're committed to creating experiences that are both engaging and unforgettable without exploiting our players.

EBS Team

Our team


Lincon Vidal

Founder & CEO


Léo José

Co-founder & Advisor


Aline Cardoso

Head of Communications


Thulany Christiny

Graphic Designer


Matheus Müller

Full-stack Developer


Shivansh Saini

Game Developer


Anna Júlia

Social Media Manager