We Are

EveryBlock Studio

Our Vision

To contribute to the construction of an autonomous and decentralized world in which horizontal human interactions and choices are valued.

Our Mission

EveryBlock Studio seeks to create, deliver and promote high-quality, creative products and services based on media types that automatically respond to user input.

Our Values

EveryBlock Studio operates by the following guiding principles.

Community benefit over individuals

We want to build products and services committed to delivering value for groups of stakeholders without compromising their voice, where consumers can exercise their choice and actively participate on decisions towards the collective benefit.

Purpose over profit

We understand that we are living in an era of Internet of Value that allows us to constantly engage the community through incentive and reward mechanisms, but we will never let profits compromise our vision and values.

Open innovation over patents

We believe that collaboration through open technology enables faster and more resilient solutions, promoting more inclusive and sustainable societies over time.

Technology trust over institutional stamps

We think that centralized institutions are more susceptible to compromise valuable information in favor of individual benefits, whereas open and transparent technology provides a more robust source of trust.

Who we are

A small team that dreams big.

Lincon Vidal

Founder & CEO

Bachelor in Biotechnology (UFRJ) and Master in Computational Modeling (LNCC). Working on full-stack software development in the scientific field since 2014, he programs in C++ and Python and has experience on development of bioinspired algorithms and machine learning models. Currently, he is the CTO at NanoBusiness (solid state chemistry company in Rio de Janeiro) and CEO of the interactive media startup EveryBlock Studio.

Léo José

Co-founder & Head of Finance

Graduation and Post Graduation from PUC-Rio in business administration with emphasis in corporate finance. Worked as project manager at the Technology and Innovation Network of Rio de Janeiro ( REDETEC) in projects of the National Plan of Incubators - PNI and SIBRATEC. Currently, he is Coordinator of the Shell Youth Initiative Program in Rio de Janeiro.

Thulany Christiny

Graphic designer


Shivansh Saini

Game developer

A Bachelor in Computer Science Engineering student who has a lot of interest in game development and machine learning. Working with C# and Python, he loves mixing weird things together to make a creative project/product. He has worked with CIBIOD, India to create an app for a digital stethoscope in past and also has been a part of a finalist team in Smart India Hackathon 2020.


Why interactive media?

In a digital world, there is a flood of information everywhere. But when we interact with it and the media respond to input, we are more prone to take a break and seek to understand the interaction, giving more value to the information.

We want to explore this concept on the edge, using AI based models and blockchain technology to build autonomous and reliable machines, capable of interacting with humans in a more friendly way than the current systems.

Why studio?

Despite the cutting-edge technology we work with, EveryBlock Studio is primarily a creative space. The products and services we build will always express some level of their authors’ creative choices, whether in designing interface elements or reward systems.

Why Cardano?

We have spent a lot of time looking for a robust blockchain protocol, able to last for many years. We chose Cardano because we believe that the scientific method is the best way to understand and develop lasting disruptive technologies.

We are builders...