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The game

Lifeness is a new concept of physics-based simulation game, centred on virtual creatures (VITA agents) with procedurally generated bodies and brains powered by Reinforcement Learning algorithms.
This means they are not strictly programmed to do anything in specific, but instead they learn through training tasks designed by the players.

Players own their characters and are entirely free to trade VITA agents directly with other players or on secondary markets, like any other crypto collectible. Trained VITA agents can also compete in online tournaments and challenges, which are based on competitive tasks.

VITA Agents



A unique representation of all of their physical components encoded as a digital DNA (stored on-chain) and distributed as non-fungible tokens (VITA token)



Hash to a trained machine learning model (off-chain, hosted on  decentralized storage), associated with a VITA token and distributed as a non-fungible token


Breeding (digitally) can be a very intuitive and natural way to procedurally create new characters

We want to create a smart contract to govern the “birth” of new creatures, mixing the body information of two existent VITA tokens to mint a new one


Players can design tasks to guide creatures to acquire specific behaviours, whether planning to participate in competitions or just for fun

VITA agents get better and better at tasks throughout the training process, and the user plays an essential role as the performance of the creatures depends on how the player structures training tasks, as well as the intrinsic characteristics of the VITA


After trained, VITA agents can be used in online competitions that run on a secure environment guaranteed by smart contracts

We are also planning to build a live broadcasting system to “televise” the physical-simulated competitions following the streaming format of competitive sports on the internet, integrated with a reward system where the users can earn ADA by participating on paid contests

Simplified Roadmap

Character model development
Q4 2020
VITA token development
Q1 2021
VITA token public deployment
Q2 2021
Bet & Play System
Q4 2021
Lifeness Broadcasting System
Q2 2022

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