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What is Cardano?

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain platform developed through a scientific evidence-based method and peer-reviewed research.

ADA (₳) is its native cryptocurrency!

Using the Ouroboros, an innovative proof-of-stake consensus protocol, the network reaches an agreement about the transactions recorded in the blockchain with much less electricity and computing power.


The consensus is based on the stake (wealth), used to determine the participant’s power in the system. To guarantee the security of the network, the Ouroboros needs a good number of ADA holders to be online at any given time.

The stake pools are operational nodes committed to run the protocol 24/7, combining the stake of a group of stakeholders in a single entity.

Delegation characteristics

All ADA holders have a right to participate in consensus, but staking requires technical skills and the ability to run Cardano nodes for 24/7.

As a regular ADA holder, you can simply participate in the consensus through stake delegation.

Delegate to EBS

Earn Rewards

For delegating to a stake pool, you receive rewards in ADA proportionally to your stake each epoch the pool creates blocks.

Support the network

Stake pools with a greater amount of stake have a higher chance of producing blocks. You are delegating your stake power in Cardano.

Very Easy

Delegating does not require any special knowledge. If you are already a ADA holder, you can delegate easily just a with a few clicks.

Totally Safe

When you delegate, your coins never come out of your wallet or get locked up. You keep having absolute control of your assets.

How easy is to delegate?


Choose Your Wallet App

We recommend using the official wallets (Daedalus or Yoroi) to delegate your stake.

Go to Delegation Center

Find a pool (EBS) on the delegation center of your wallet, select the wallet you want to delegate, and confirm the transaction.

Delegate Your Stake

You will receive a message confirming your delegation choice. After 2 complete epochs from the date, your delegation will be active and you'll start to receive rewards automatically.

Why delegate to EBS?

We are not just a stake pool, we are a startup building disruptive applications in the Cardano network.

Our understanding is that running a stake pool is merely an operation to support the network, allowing us to connect with future users of our solutions and sharing from now on the earnings we obtain.




Ticker: EBS

Pledge: ₳ 16.3k

Fee: 3.5% 0%

Cost: ₳ 340




Our Nodes

Our Cardano nodes run 24/7 to provide outstanding performance for your stake

VPS servers

We’re currently utilizing VPS services to sustain a low-cost operation. As we grow, our aim is to provide a mix of cloud solutions and bare metal setup to guarantees resilience and have better control of our nodes.

Node Configuration

We are operating a total of 4 servers, one block producer isolated, connected only with our three public relays, hosted in Canada and Singapore for better connectivity, each server having 4vCPU + 8GB RAM + 160GB SSD.

Monitoring 24/7

We utilize Prometheus and Grafana on a separate server, exclusive for monitoring. This way, we can track the health of our nodes 24/7, including mobile notifications, without compromising performance.

How to delegate to EBS?

Press the delegation button on the left menu. Enter the “Stake Pools” tab, search for EBS and click on “Delegate to this pool”.

Follow the 3 steps on the screen: select the wallet, check the stake pool selection and finally confirm your delegation. Wait for the confirmation message and that’s it!

Select the wallet you want to delegate. Enter the “Delegation List” tab, search for EBS and click on “DELEGATE”.

Confirm your payment password and click on the “DELEGATE” button. Wait for the confirmation and that’s it!


Why does EBS charge fees?

Because there is no free lunch. Operating a stake pool involves fixed costs for server maintenance, which we choose to follow the minimum established by the protocol (₳ 340).

In addition, we charge a fee of 3.5% of the total rewards received in a epoch zero margin fee (0%) throughout the year 2021. This amount helps to fund our projects.

How much is the reward?

Rewards are proportional to your stake and vary according to many factors, such as the fees charged and the performance of the stake pool. You can use the rewards calculator to estimate your earnings, but in general, it is around 4.5%-5.5% per year.

Do I pay the fees even if the stake pool does not produce blocks?

No. Fees are charged only when the stake pool is elected to generate blocks in an epoch (5-day window). If it did not produce blocks, the fees are not collected at all.

Do delegators have to pay the minimum fee of ₳ 340?

No. The fee is charged only for the total amount of rewards received by the stake pool in an epoch. You, the delegator, will never pay anything.

Who pays the rewards that stake pools receive?

The rewards come from two sources that constitute a pot of rewards of the epoch:

  1. from the Cardano project reserves, which are deducted at a rate of 0.3% each epoch;
  2. from the total transaction fees charged by the protocol, accumulated over an epoch.

For more details, check out our post “Where do the rewards come from?”.


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