Unleashing the Power of Cardano: Igniting Innovation and Collaboration in Brazil


CardanoRio 2022 was a groundbreaking event that united the vibrant Cardano community in Brazil for the first time. Thanks to the support from the Catalyst Fund7, which aims to expand Cardano's presence in Latin America, we successfully brought together Cardano enthusiasts from various regions. This two-day gathering showcased the latest advancements in the Cardano network, providing a platform for innovative projects to present their ideas. With engaging speakers, valuable networking opportunities, and a focus on community growth, CardanoRio 2022 served as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The overwhelming positive response has set the stage for future editions of CardanoRio.

How it works

CardanoRio is a vibrant gathering that unites the Cardano community in Brazil, providing an immersive platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing.

  • Engage with Experts: Attendees have exclusive access to industry experts, visionary speakers, and innovative projects, gaining valuable insights into the latest developments within the Cardano ecosystem.

  • Showcasing Innovation: CardanoRio highlights a diverse range of projects being developed on Cardano, showcasing their impact and fostering collaboration among participants.

  • Catalyst for Growth: Serving as a catalyst for community growth, CardanoRio nurtures an environment that encourages innovation, education, and the exploration of new possibilities within the Cardano network.

Join us at CardanoRio and be part of the dynamic Cardano community in Brazil as we shape the future of blockchain technology.