On February 3, the largest decentralized fund dedicated to funding projects on the Cardano ecosystem, Project Catalyst, closes voting for the Fund7. If you want to help strengthen Cardano and don’t know our projects yet, this article is for you!

What is EveryBlock Studio?

EveryBlock Studio is a blockchain startup focused on building digital products for crypto-enabled communities. We are exploring new ways to empower communities using blockchain technology to build more autonomous and reliable community-driven applications.

We achieve that by splitting our work into what we call “E2C projects”. The acronym stands for Exit to Community, the final destination we expect to give to most of our products. Each E2C project goes through 4 stages:

  • Experimenting: EBS builds a product idea from zero to MVP. We try to set up a sustainable business model. If the project succeeds, it can evolve to the next stage.
  • Building community: Now, we start bringing the community to engage more actively with the product. The first model of community governance is also presented in this phase.
  • Building governance layer: We already have a solid community to support the product; it’s time to let people decide what should be prioritized. We implement tools and mechanisms for community governance.
  • Community-owned: When a project acquires a certain degree of maturity, we perform a gradual governance transition from EBS to the community. At this stage, EBS is not responsible for the project anymore, denoting the end of the transition.

We know that we have a long way to go. Since 2019, EBS has been developing projects to understand the Cardano ecosystem and generate valuable products for the community. In this journey, we have operated a stake pool since the early Shelley era, built a Telegram information bot for Cardano, created an educational project to explain the mechanisms of Cardano, developed a prototype of an NFT explorer, and more.

But now we want to grow, and we need Catalyst’s help to fund more ambitious projects and expand our work. The following section summarizes each of our proposals for strengthening the Cardano ecosystem, both locally (we are from Brazil 🇧🇷) and globally. For a complete and updated description of the proposals, please visit: https://catalyst.everyblock.studio

CardaBot: telegram bot with tipping

Problem: Cardano-related Telegram bots are focused on monitoring. There is no way to tip ada to other users, especially in a non-custodial approach.

Our solution: A tipping feature for CardaBot, allowing Telegram users to execute ada transactions directly by the bot in a non-custodial approach.


CardanoRio 2022: Hybrid event

Problem: In Brazil, there is a lack of blockchain events (especially Cardano), which has been further intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solution: A hybrid event to promote and discuss Brazilian projects related to Cardano and connect the community in Brazil.


Introductory Blockchain MOOC PT-BR

Problem: Lack of PT-BR courses explaining what blockchain aims to solve from a historical perspective, pointing out Cardano as a potential solution.

Solution: A comprehensive PT-BR introduction to blockchain and Cardano MOOC explaining their main technological and social aspects, available for free.


Lincon Vidal

Lincon Vidal

Founder and CEO at EveryBlock.Studio

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