Following the beginning of the Shelley era in the Cardano network, many questions have been raised regarding the terms presented in the Daedalus 2.0.0 wallet.

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Rank: Index of desirability of a pool, i.e. indicates how desirable a pool is for the delegators at that moment. It is calculated from several factors such as the performance of the pool (pool that loses block falls in the rank), amount of pledge, fixed costs, variable cost margin, saturation of the pool etc.
Controlled Stake: Percentage of stake controlled by a stake pool in proportion to the total amount of ADA in stake in the network as a whole.
Pool margin: The margin that a pool collects from the rewards received for validating the blocks. For example, we charge a fee of 3.5% of total rewards. The total amount it represents in ADA is variable and depends on the total rewards the pool has received in a epoch.
Pledge: An optional type of stake made by the pool itself. In practice, it represents the value that the pool has delegated to itself and has promised not to change over the course of the epoch. If there is less stake than declared in the pledge at the time of registration, the pool does not receive the rewards of the epoch. It is not mandatory, but it is a way to make the pool more attractive to delegators, since the pledge influences the amount of rewards received and the rank.
Cost per epoch: Fixed cost (in ADA) charged by the pool per epoch, essentially to cover operating costs. This amount is collected each epoch, regardless of how much reward the pool has received (except if the pool has not produced any blocks and therefore has no reward, in which case there is no fixed cost to collect). The minimum amount currently defined by the protocol is 340 ADA.
Produced blocks: Number of blocks produced by the stake pool at the current epoch. Stake pools are rewarded in ADA for each block they produce in a epoch.
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